"Goodbye 2013,,,welcome 2014"

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Days and months pass to begin a new year and involves another year with its memories (Painful and beautiful) Which have had a significant impact on us.

Few days ago we realized the New Islamic Year, and after a few days, will realize a new Gregorian year and this is the life, days pass and will not come back, but May we pause !!?

YES, we must take a look at what we have provided in the past year?

and what we will do in the coming days?

How many times were happy!?

How many times sadder!?

"Joy and sorrow ... Smile and a tear ... Life and Death ..."

This is the life ,But will tears bring what rolls !?

Will tears bring the people who have died !?

Will tears bring our beautiful dreams that we woke up in them on the bitter and painful reality !?

Will tears bring something nice went !?

So, there is no benefit in crying !?

why not start again !?

Why not be the beginning of the New Year is a new reality, bright and luminous beginning?

To forget all the past, and live the present in order to live the future

-There are people who mistaken in your right

-There are people who abused you

-There are people who forsake you

-There are people who let you down

But, if we think deeply, we will find that are the same people who, Have long stood beside you, Helped you, Consoled you, Congratulated you, Advised you....etc

-Why do you always try to distort the parameters of beautiful things to naïve things !?

-Why do we lose a lot of valuable things and loved people in our life to silly reasons !?

-Why do not we try with all our strength to gain friendship and all those nice relationships in our life that gives meaning and tastes in our daily life!?

-Why do not we condone some of the things and overlook some things and life goes on... We have created human beings, not angels and will certainly make mistakes

-Why do not you open a new page with them? Why don't you prove to them that we are better than them?

How lovely To forgive  !

To forget !

To be a clean heart and pure !

-With the beginning of each New Year Forget what happened in the past year and look for tomorrow we have To look at our past to take a lesson from it and sermon Learn from your past, but do not live in.

-Let us begin.... Let's start again For life goes and not stop the wheel of life .We will die and stay just memories and others come.there is another Day, another Month, another Year another Smile, another Tear, another Winter, another Summer will come Too, But There Will Never Be Another You !!!

So,  Sorry for those who have mistaken in their right.

        Sorry for those who I have hurt them.

        Sorry for those who I have abused them.

        Sorry for those who I have troubled them.

        Sorry for those who I have irritated them.

and Thanks to everyone who helped me

       Thanks to everyone who loved me.

       Thanks to everyone who supported me.

"my lovely family and friends love uuu and wish you all happy new year with new wishes and dreams"

written by: MARWA HASSAN

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Marwa Hassan was born in 1993,Egyptian and studying at faculty of commerce English section at cairo university(FCES),,,

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