Goodbye My Spidey

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It has been reported that Andrew Garfield, who we'd come to see as the geeky Peter Parker and web-slinging comic superhero in The Amazing Spiderman, will no longer return as Spiderman on its reprise. It was revealed after the collaboration deal between Marvel and Sony. This leaves the other casts like Emma Stone and directors like Marc Webb to be removed as well. Apparently, when this deal between the two companies happens, Marvel would take full control over the franchise which leads to the change of cast.


This full reboot however caused dismay to several TASM fans (including me of course) for we're all hoping to see the offscreen couple again onscreen (since we're expecting a Gwen Stacy clone!). To solidify their protest they even pursued a petition regarding this. 


It's just saddening to hear about the news especially for Andrew G when he's probably been expecting large sums of money in the coming years because news have it before that Andrew had signed a long term contract with Sony for the future installments of Spiderman. Now, is there a breach of contract? Or was it just a gossip?


Anyway, let's just look forward to Spidey having to meet the Avengers in time.  

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