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I'd love to, but...

 1    I have to floss my cat.
  2    I've dedicated my life to linguine.
  3    I want to spend more time with my blender.
  4    The President said he might drop in.
  5    The man on television told me to say tuned.
  6    I've been scheduled for a karma transplant.
  7    I'm staying home to work on my cottage cheese sculpture.
  8    It's my parakeet's bowling night.
  9    It wouldn't be fair to the other Beautiful People.
  10   I'm building a pig from a kit.
  11   I did my own thing and now I've got to undo it.
  12   I'm enrolled in aerobic scream therapy.
  13   There's a disturbance in the Force.
  14   I'm doing door-to-door collecting for static cling.
  15   I have to go to the post office to see if I'm still wanted.
  16   I'm teaching my ferret to yodel.
  17   I have to check the freshness dates on my dairy products.
  18   I'm going through cherry cheesecake withdrawal.
  19   I'm planning to go downtown to try on gloves.
  20   My crayons all melted together.
  21   I'm trying to see how long I can go without saying yes.
  22   I'm in training to be a household pest.
  23   I'm getting my overalls overhauled.
  24   My patent is pending.
  25   I'm attending the opening of my garage door.
  26   I'm sandblasting my oven.
  27   I'm worried about my vertical hold.
  28   I'm going down to the bakery to watch the buns rise.
  29   I'm being deported.
  30   The grunion are running.
  31   I'll be looking for a parking space.
  32   My Millard Fillmore Fan Club meets then.
  33   The monsters haven't turned blue yet, and I have to eat more dots.
  34   I'm taking punk totem pole carving.
  35   I have to fluff my shower cap.
  36   I'm converting my calendar watch from Julian to Gregorian.
  37   I've come down with a really horrible case of something or other.
  38   I made an appointment with a cuticle specialist.
  39   My plot to take over the world is thickening.
  40   I have to fulfill my potential.
  41   I don't want to leave my comfort zone.
  42   It's too close to the turn of the century.
  43   I have some real hard words to look up in the dictionary.
  44   My subconscious says no.
  45   I'm giving nuisance lessons at a convenience store.
  46   I left my body in my other clothes.
  47   The last time I went, I never came back.
  48   I've got a Friends of Rutabaga meeting.
  49   I have to answer all of my "occupant" letters.
  50   None of my socks match.
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