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 Some of the most amazing stories of that we hear on the news or from our friends and families are those of lucky people who survived extreme encounters with death. Now we’ve all heard of some extraordinary stories in our lifetimes but these are quite remarkable if you try to place yourself in the shoes of these survivors.

 The first story that really left me on the edge of my seat was according to Reader’s Digest, a mother, Kelly Groves and her two daughters Sage, 10, and a tiny infant, Mylo who were on a four-hour drive heading from their San Juan Capistrano home in California to Mission San Luis Obispo.

Now what happened next sounds like something out of a movie, and definitely one of my worst nightmares. As Groves, 36, was crossing a bridge, a semi-truck attempted to cut her off but didn’t make the cut, slamming into the passenger side of the car trapping it against the guardrail.

 The truck shot skid off the bridge and exploded in a ravine killing the driver; meanwhile, Groves and her two little girls dangled in their car halfway off the bridge. Can you imagine the fear and shock? Firefighters soon arrived onto the scene and tried to saw apart the car in order to save the family, but the car was not stable.

Luckily, a navy construction battalion pulled up with a forklift, which ultimately held the car while rescuers dragged the family out. Groves and her ten-year-old daughter had some injuries while the baby came with some minor cuts.

 Another event took place when a group of college kids crammed into a car headed for a party near Lake Mary, Florida High School. They got lost along the way, as they couldn’t find the house and the driver’s iPhone GPS wasn’t working. So they parked near a lake to try to get a signal.

This story really tests the limits of ‘good timing’. While they were searching for a signal they noticed a car was sinking in the lake and a man trapped inside. Luckily two athletes in the car swam over right away and with only seconds left, pulled him out of the side window. Lucky indeed!

 These types of events are the ‘life-changing stories’ we often talk about. Now if we ever find ourselves in one of these bizarre situations, let’s hope we have the same luck as these guys.

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