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Government shut down means that when congress fails to solve the problems of annual budget in America. As a result all the necessary services are stopped for the next year due to which people of federal government are badly affected. Only the staff and military people are excluded. This shut down remain till the problems of budget are solved. In America after seventeen (17) years this shut down appeared. Before this in 1955 when Bill Clinton was the president the shut down appeared for almost twenty-eight (28) days.

On thirty(30th) September the economic year ends in America. The politicians in capital hil did not pass the 2013-2014 budget bills due to health care bill of Obama. So the salary of unnecessary staff was stopped.

No government party and house of representative can decide an exact decision and due to rules of America president alone cannot pass the bill house of representative is under the control of Republican Party. While in senate Democratic Party is dominant. And no party is showing flexibility in this issue of shut down. As a result loans for houses, issuing of passport, visa facility, space programs, NASA project and many other health programs can be affected.

This shut down can seriously affect the economy of America. Almost three hundred (300) million dollar loss will occur and seven (7) lac people will be affected. If this problem is not solved in two weeks 0.3% of total production will reduce. I f this is not controlled the largest economical state of world will be seriously affected in a short time and many other countries who are dependent on America like Afghanistan , Iraq and to some extent Pakistanwill be directly affected. It is thought that both the dominant parties of America are trying to make a committee to make a solution for this problem. But the longer shut down will be the more will be its affect on economy.

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