Greatest Virtue

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Courtesy is opposite to cruelty. As cruelty is the greatest evil courtesy is the greatest virtue. It is the basis of all religions. All religions give the message of courtesy. It has been the foundation stone of all social, cultural and political movements. Therefore the most sacred duty of humans is to practice and teach courtesy.

The lesson of courtesy spread by writing good book on courtesy and the other way of spreading message of courtesy is sermons. All prophets adopted this method. They taught courtesy by their sermons and deeds. They themselves were the embodiment of courtesy. Their activities and manners are so good because of this people were impressed by them. Therefore courtesy, manners, politeness and kindness are the talents of diviners. Our Prophet (P.B.U.H) is the pure living example of courtesy. He said “the best amongst ye is the one whose manners are the best”. Therefore politeness is the prominent trait of true Muslim.

There are many benefits of being courteous and polite.

  • First politeness and courtesy bring us real joy.
  • Second courteous people become popular with others and people help him when he was in trouble.
  • They can propagate their thoughts and ideas easily.

Therefore, we should be just and courteous in our dealings with others. We should also preach courtesy in society and it is also our duty.

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