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When I was a child I asked my mom, who she loved more, me or my older brother. She said: "Which arm would you cut off if needed, left or right?" I remember that I didn't hesitate at all: "Left." Of course left, I'm right-handed! She explained what she meant, but that was an inappropriate example, and a lot of people actually use it. Come on! There is always something more important than an extremely important thing. Heart is more important than kidney,  homeless child is more important than a homeless dog, your destiny is more important than the destiny of your Motherland. That's why we are all living in America today, millions of immigrants form Ukraine, Russia and Venezuela. We are not coming back today to fight for the justice and independence.  We made our choice, people who struggle for their countries made their. We hate Obama for interfering into our countries internal business, but we live in his country, because he allows us to hide here. 

I feel bad that I can not really support my people fighting against President Putin, but the right arm had been always more important for me. We do not resign our citizenship thinking that the president is much older than us... and... some day... may be soon... he... you know?... We love our countries. But something sick is happening in the world, I realize that living in America. Why do people from all over the world leave their countries and try to recreate them on the alien land? They are staying together in their communities, with their traditions, their food, their language, a lot of them don't even try to lear English, they have a small model of their countries in here, in New York. They love their countries, they would never leave them if... If what? If not the GOVERNMENT, a few people of the self-proclaimed elite. Why did the World history concede it?

Somebody think that only the World War III can fix it and lead peoples to the global economical development. Ruin everything to build something new and better? Doesn't it remind you something? The Soviet Union had already tried that for you. Doesn't work. Think of something different please! There is always something more important... 

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