Gullu Butt in Childhood

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His father name, Maula Jatt, was the sheriff of a little area of Punjab and got fame for arresting, jailing, flogging and dismembering a horrible motorcycle that simply won't start.

Gullu butt is very poor in study. He always play game and enjoy extra activities and did't work of school and quarrel to friends and street boys. when he was in 5th class he failed in with enjoying mood play game in computer suddenly his mother came and quarrel to with their activity suddenly mom saw his school progress report gullu bull fail as whole in class he was first position in fail student.


Her mother was very worried about her and praying to Allah my son Gullu Butt will make a great person but the spend of time when Gullu butt young the Gullu butt join PMLN and made a "Gunda" with big mustaches. When people saw his mustaches they afraid of Gullu butt. One day 17th June 2014 Model Town a huge rush of people their gullu butt attack with heavy stick and starting to beating them.

The Gullu butt is very strong character in PMLN.
May Allah will not live long.. Ameen


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