Guman Thong brings wealth and luck to his owner

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Your life will change when you get a Guman Thong home. 


Guman Thong is a ghost kid.  That means you are bringing home a young ghost as your spirit son.


Your life will change for the better when you treat Guman Thong as well as you would treat your own flesh and blood.


However, when you ignore Guman Thong, and treat it as a piece of useless item, you will experience the revenge of Guman Thong.


Guman Thong is a young kid who craves for your love.  If you fail to love him, he will make sure that you are aware of his existence.


When you treat Guman Thong well, he will bring wealth and luck to you.


That does not mean you will win in all the lucky draws, and mega lottery.


Guman Thong cannot change your karma.  He will enhance the good luck, and prevent you from doing stupid thing to incur bad karma.


When you go for a job interview, and you need a job badly, Guman Thong will make sure that you perform very well in the interview, and get the best salary offer.


If you are a small business owner, and the business is bad on a particular day, you can ask Guman Thong to bring in customers.


Sometimes the little help given by Guman Thong is not apparent.


When you are about to close the door and leave your house, you have a sudden urge to check all the windows. 


That is Guman Thong way of telling you that one window is opened, and you should close before leaving the house.


After a few months or a few years of keeping Guman Thong, you will find that you are getting wealthier and luckier in many aspects in life.


Your life will be happier and smoother instead of having tons of worries.


That is the time when you truly appreciate that Guman Thong brings wealth and luck to you.

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