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There has been an untoward phenomenon of shootings in schools mostly by students of the same school and unluckily this trend has been noted to be on the rise in recent history. Especially, in the USA where there is tight security and people of USA are known to be healthy in terms of financial and physical health. Most of the people around the world have the desire to visit USA at least once in their lives because the USA is the land of opportunities.  One can get as many facilities he can think of in the USA and that is the reason why USA is the ultimate destination for many expatriates.  Therefore, if an incident like shooting in school occurs, then it creates a bad impression about the USA and it dents the hopes for many people about their future.  Parents tend to give a second thought to the future of their children in that particular School or College. 



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Gun Shootings in The USA Schools is a matter of grave concern these days and Policy Makers have joined their heads to find out a way to solve this problem of increased gun shootings incidents in schools.  It is an incident which leaves a great bad mark on the tender minds of children as well as their parents as they remain haunted and scared for a long time.   Today I shall highlight some incidents pertaining to Gun Shootings in The USA Schools as well as important factors behind as to why gun shooting is on the rise in schools where pupils go to get some useful education and to learn how to live a healthy life.  Some of the notorious and deadly Gun Shooting incidents in the USA recently are as follows:

                  Date                                            Place                          Casualties

                    February 14, 2018                    Florida                           17 Deaths, 14 Injured

                    December 14, 2012                Connecticut                22 Deaths, 6 Injured

                    October 1, 2015                        Oregon                          10 Deaths 

                    April 16, 2007                             Virginia                          33 Deaths

                    April 20, 1999                             Colorado                       15 Deaths, 22 Injured



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Above are those few incidents in which deaths were in double figures.  Many other incidents took place in which less than 10 deaths were recorded.  Nobody would like to see such incidents happening in Schools and Colleges. The public in general and the Government must look into those factors which are responsible for such massacres.  Some of the important factors are given below:


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Factors Behind Incidents of Gun Shootings in Schools

There are many important factors Policy Makers should address to in order to curb this lethal issue which is likely to remain on top of the agenda of many schools' managements.  Before discussing those factors, one should not forget that everything is invented for a useful purpose and misuse of that invention does not make that invention a bad one.  Scientists invent different things in order to serve humanity.  Therefore, ways should be found out to stop misuse of inventions.  Guns and Firearms are one of those inventions which required extreme precaution or else these can be misused to harm the humanity.

Following are the main factors depicting why Teenagers get involved in the lethal act of Gun Shootings in The USA Schools:


1.     Drug Use:


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People in America are facing this Drugs Issue in its peak of being worrisome. Misuse of Drugs is on the rise as well as using Narcotics. According to a recent study, approximately 21 Million Americans are Drug Addicts i.e. they are suffering from Substance Addiction. Teenagers find attraction in using alcohol, nicotine, Cocaine and some more advance drugs like Cannabis etc. Drugs are somewhat easily available and one of the biggest reasons for Drugs' easy availability is USA's Border with Mexico which is a heaven for Drug Dealers and Drugs are brought inside from there.  This is the reason why current USA management is planning to make a Giant Wall at the border with Mexico to curb Drug Dealers. Now a person who uses drugs loses his morality and his behaviors becomes more and more aggressive on pity issues which leads to use of guns and firearms without realizing the consequences. Therefore, problems of Drug Usage and Misuse of Guns and Firearms are pretty much in line with each other in the USA.


2.     Parents' Negligence


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State of Husband and Wife or a Couple's relationship plays a key role in the brought up of children. If the parents are fighting all the time or not giving ample time to their children for their good brought up then it becomes a root cause behind misuse of guns by children in their later life. Parents must create peace and harmony in the house in order to create a good impression on Children's mind and for their ideal upbringing. A neglected child is very much prone to misusing guns in his later stages of life.  In addition, if one of the partners has gun and other lethal weapons, he should take proper care of them and keep them away from the reach of children. This has happened in the past that parents are unaware of their children's motivation and desire to misuse the guns and other firearms because parents and especially father is not aware of the consequences of not keeping his weapons away from children. Sometimes, children steal the weapon and misuse it just out of thrill.  Bad relationship status and communication gap between spouses alone can play havoc, let alone other aspects.


3.     Social Issues:



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Social Issues like lack of friends and family circle also plays a vital role in making up minds which in the end leads to misuse of Guns and Firearms. If a child is introvert and does not like to play around with children of his age then it is a concerning matter for the parents. Negative feelings such as hate, anger, jealousy and sadness can be very dangerous for children in the long run. Issue of lack of friendship and inability or avoidance of communication must be looked into by the parents. Furthermore, if a child is hanging around with bad people out there in parks, markets or even in school then again it is a danger alarm. Child has a fresh brain therefore, whatever he learns in early age is important and will pave way for future good deeds or wrongdoings.


4.     Easy Availability of Guns:


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After a series of untoward incidents, now the Government has shown some seriousness to control the easy availability of Guns and Firearms.  If a School or College going Boy is showing interest in Guns and wants to purchase them or wants to use his parents' Gun then it should sound a danger alarm to people around him, especially to his parents. Purchase of Guns and Firearms is a serious matter and for this, personnel responsible for General Security of Public must take into account the previous history of the person making purchase of Guns and Firearms. There is a common notion now that Guns and Firearms should not be sold to any other person, especially to a person who has some negative history or background. People in the USA are more protesting in the favor of Gun Control because it has become a matter of now or never in the USA.


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People are asking more and more questions to the Politicians on this Gun Control Issue.  Politics in USA is roaming around this hot issue. One can be hopeful that this Gun Control Issue will be solved once and for all.  Politicians of the USA are in questions of their sincerity and honesty in this regard.




5.     Love Breakups


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Teenagers are not very strong in terms of understanding and controlling negative emotions. They are very emotional because they are going through such phase of life in which they do not think much about consequences of their actions. Priorities in this tender age change day by day and so do their likings for things and even persons. Similarly, in schools and colleges where boys and girls are studying together, can fall in love or they can have temporary infatuations. If in case, their relationship or this fanciness breaks then it becomes very heartbreaking for the other partner. The deranged partner especially boys may turn towards misusing the Guns and cause bloodshed in the School / College vicinity. This has happened in the past that a boy could not control his anger when he saw his ex-girlfriend with someone else in amorous condition. If that boy is also a drug addict and has less attention from home then he will certainly be a danger towards society and School / College Management.


6.     Racial and Religious Issues:


The United States of America is a multi-ethnical and multi-religious country where people of all races, religions and ethnics live. Mostly all Americans are friendly in nature and have a helpful attitude towards others. However, where there are many people with many different backgrounds then there will be some disputes as well. Human nature of jealousy and hatred to other religions or races can play a pivotal role behind any violence that takes place. In America, where still Black People are fighting for their rights and they feel that they are deprived of many opportunities and there is discrimination because of their race and color, the role of Guns and Firearms becomes more important. Peace, Justice and harmony is required and desired by all religions and regions across the globe. The USA Government is promoting and must do more in terms of spreading the message of peace by removing inequality and injustice from the country if the General Public of America feels so.


7.     Violence Shown on Media



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In this modern era of technology and media, this has become very easy to reach obnoxious and objectionable material on media. Children have innocent minds and when from the beginning they see liking for Guns and Firearms, Drug Abuse, Social Abuse and programs / Music Videos on TV which promote Violence and Frustration then they become used to it very quickly and they act in the same manner. Therefore, Violence and other abuses shown on media must be confined to older and mature audience. It creates a bad impression when teenagers see that they can overpower others on the bases of Guns and Firearms and they can get what they want. Besides, when they see that using Guns is an easier way to get rid of their persona non-grata quickly then they get attracted towards this Gun Culture.





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Controlling Gun and Firearm Culture in the USA is not only the responsibility of the Government but it is also imperative to know the pros and cons of the Guns at micro level. In order to curb more and more misuse of Guns we need to create an environment for children which is peaceful and an encourage environment in which all people can live and enjoy life in an equal manner no matter which part of the world they are living in.




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