GYM Exercises part 3:

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As we have introduced the days of our daily basis gym exercises so the next one is the Wednesday. And the game on Wednesday is that of the biceps after the chest and wings.

You should not do the exercise of the shoulders and the exercise of the wings very next day to each other or consecutively because they will cancel out the effect of each other. And that will not good for our body. Anyhow our next exercise is that of the biceps. And without biceps the man doesn’t looks like a man. There are many men with wrists like women but a mighty man is that one who is strong enough and courageous and brave as already told in my previous blog that “THE PAIN YOU FEEL TODAY WILL BE THE STRENGTH YOU FEEL TOMMORROW”. So don’t worry about the pain of the gym exercises. All that pain is due to the erectness of our muscles and that is the positive thing which shows that we have done our exercise honestly and that is showing its reaction.

BICEPS exercise is the main exercise and many men are seen by their biceps majorly and for mostly. Any how we proceed to our steps which will lead us to the completion of our exercise.

  1. First and the main part of our every exercise is that first of all we should have a complete warmup of our body so that we can do all of the exercises by ease. Anyhow let’s proceed to our exercise to the next steps.



  1. After warmup the next step is that of the long rod which we have to lift up. In such an angle that our body is not disturbed and that game also have a positive effect on our body. While standing we have to lift that rod up and down with the movement of our arms from elbow to the hands, while we don’t have to move our whole body otherwise there is no need of exercise. Anyhow we can do that easily by a little practice. We have to do four wraps in this exercise so that one wrap is equal to 12 repetitions only in this case.



  1. The third step is the same as previous one but the main difference is that the last time we used the rod openly and now we are using the rod closely so that to have some load on our biceps. While standing we have to do 4 wraps and each one wrap is equal to the 12 repetitions.



  1. After taking some breath of about the 30 seconds just sit down on a bench and use the dumbbells One by one on each arm straightly sitting. And lift them up. Remember that you don’t have to move your arms at all or your body. You just have to move your arms from elbow to till the hands. Similarly do it with the left arm also and in this game do four wraps and one wrap is equal to the 12 repetitions.



  1. Now hold the dumbbells in both of the hands and just do the same as done before. While sitting straight and just do that. Any how what we have to do is that just lift them up and do this exercise four times and one time is equal to the 12 repetitions.



  1. After doing this just while sitting in the bench just bend down, place your elbow on your leg down the knee. And one by one arm just lift the dumbbells up and don’t move your body. Do the same with the left arm. Also do the four repetitions and one repetitions is equal to the 12 repetitions as already told.



  1. After doing that just come to the machine and pull the strings by giving a pose such that your biceps feel the strength. Do as much as your stamina this exercise is good.


  1. Now come to the straight bench. Just lay down on it and pull the rope by giving a stretch on your biceps and this is very good exercise, just do it as it is as done before i-e four wraps.



  1. Now come to the bench of rope with a rod pulling to make a solid shaped round shape of your biceps. And also do it as much as you can.

 10.    Now there comes the last step that you should have after the biceps is that                  having the chin-ups. And at the last there chin-ups are very much necessary to             give a proper shape to your biceps so that you might look like a mighty man.


 11.   And at last don’t forget to have glass of milk shake and proper diet.

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