happiness is in our hands

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Life seemed hollow for the past few weeks
trudging along with my chores
nothing seemed right to me
as I walked the path of my life
fever and sickness adding to the mood
suddenly everything seems changed
my school mates and I met online
so happy to feel we are back in class again
happy to note bubblews is making all happy
reading the posts seems a joy
I can feel the happiness through their words
and say a thank you to God 
I realized that happiness lies in our hands
of course we cannot change our fate
but we sure can change our thoughts
I decide to be happy and I become happy once more
the darkness has lifted
showing me the sun rays once more

have a wonderful weekend

poem written earlier for another site but now removed


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I am an online content writer and my passion is writing poetry. I am a housewife and also love to do other things like manage the farm and read.

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