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Happiness is an internal feeling of a person that he can`t express , it can be seen by his expressions and body movements and specially by smile. Happiness is a part of life, it is considered very important in life because a happy person can do things or work better. He has no stress upon him that can make difficult for him to live.

Happiness and sorrow are a part of life they come and go, one time we are happy and a moment later feeling sad. Happiness can`t be defined in words because it is an inner feeling of a person.When a person is feeling good or happy he does not tells us but we can see his happiness from his activities, and mood etc.Some time a person want to express to others that he is happy but he is unable to express his happiness, for example when a child in the age of 13 years can not speaks but when a new toy is given to him he shows it to every one and gives a simile, he is trying to show how happy he is but without word he expresses it.

Happiness can be achieved from different things it is a feeling which comes from heart,If a person wants to have happiness he had to ignore some things from his life and adopt the things which can give him happiness.To achieve happiness he had to ignore bad time and sorrows because happiness ad sorrows are a part of life.He had to pass bad times without thinking about them and trying to be happy even in harsh situations. We can take example from of a common man who is taking care of his family he has many problems in his life but he is fighting with them and passing his time with happiness he put smile on the faces of his family members because he knows that time will not be the same if he is getting sorrow then a time will come when his life will be full of happiness.The important factor to achieve happiness is to  bear sorrow but does not show it keep calm and spend it by happiness.

Happiness is part of life and it can not be described because we can`t express our feelings by words and we should always keep smiling even in bad situations.

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