happy day with my family ...

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Life is a journey, a long journey for people looking for love and happiness. But I do not like that, I do not like to go far to find someone you love, I'm just sitting here alone, sitting here to have someone to love me not, sitting here to see if someone comes next to impossible.

Been a long time since my first love is gone, I thought my world had lost, I do not want to find anything anymore, I just want to sit around and wait for someone to come and and love them as they love me.

Am I a bad man? Certainly not, because I am not a person so important to the existence of love, I just wanted it to life a little better, but sometimes it is not technically required, jobs are still important greater.

The years went by, I kept waiting for forever, waiting for someone to also be waiting for someone to come back, but I am sure that happiness is out there and prepared to my side, just as it came slowly but only.

I'm waiting ..... a true love ...

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