Happy Oktoberfest! New festive costumes available.

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Oktoberfest, the world's largest beer festival is coming soon!

To celebrate Oktoberfest, we are releasing new festive costumes and, of course, the protagonist of the festival - BEER!

We have prepared 3 Oktoberfest costumes for both male and female avatars. These celebratory items: 3 festive costumes and a pint of beer will only be available for 3 weeks, from September 14 to October 05, and the cost will be FREE. Check them out in the “What’s new” category in the bitFashionista online store and dress up for the celebration!


Oktoberfest celebratory costumes on bitLanders



Want to keep all these beautiful celebratory outfits with you but doesn't have enough inventory size? Please remember that you may purchase some gems in our store to increase your inventory size and get additional buzz bonuses!




And ...

Don't drive drunk!


*Cheers*(with Beer)





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