Haq bakshish

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Have you ever heard of this term “haq bakshish”? Well 6 million of Pakistanis also don’t know about this term. Haq bakshish is the tradition practiced mostly in the Sindh and some rural parts of the Punjab in which women were forced to marry with Holy Quran and the girl spend her whole life like a nun as in catholic. Most of the Pakistani thinks it’s finished but according to the survey taken in 2011 about ten thousand women in the Sindh are holy bride 

When this tradition actually begins no body exact no about it but the question arises in the third world area like India Pakistan Afghanistan girls are like burden to their families then why their family married them to the holy book and made them stay at home for their whole life and made their life hell.  There are many answers to this question. Some says that if the girl doesn’t get the suitable proposal from the family or she’s over aged (the average age of marriage in the rural area for girl is in between 18 to 22) her family married her to Holy Quran

But the main reason due to which this loathsome tradition is surviving is Islam has given the right of heritage to the women and most of families don’t want her share to go out of the family and in the money lust they impose the miserable life on the women. 

The world mostly don’t know about such cases because mostly families hide such bride from society and even the neighbor don’t know about them but the case came out on the scenario of the world in 2010 create the buzz in media and whole country and first gave the evidence about the haq bakshish when everyone consider this tradition as a dead one.  A young couple held the press conference for the protection because the young girl was forced to marry Holy book but she flee and married 

Pakistan has made the law for the haq bakshish, its 7 year prison sentence for the family members who are involved in this act. Many law firms are working for the extension of this tradition but the main hurdle is no one know how much are the victim of this tradition due to fact that family member hide these kind of act. As this action is also against the Islamic law religious scholars should come forward and act as a beacon in such type of cases. Media should also involve in spreading awareness about this subject


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