HariPur Pakistan Our Beautiful village,,,!

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I live in haripur kpk.And  our village A very beautiful village.I like my village because it has a beauti and beautiful and lovely people.
And a river is near our house.  People come from far and wide view of the river and they have fun and catch the fish.I enjoy every day I love it i post our beautiful village and river pictures must wach it,

This is beer pull

Haripur hazara tarbela dam

Havelian mountain

Awan colony 

haripur hazara river

Haripur hazara fields

Haripur city 

Hazara KpK

chakyee turn

Sirikot road Haripur

River --tarbela dam

Soba Hazara




Beautiful weather in Haripur Hazara

This Picture is babe Hazara-Babe Hazar mean father of Hazara

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