Harmful effects of drinking alcohol

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A husband is a heavy drinker, his wife do not know how to make him drink less, She immediately invites a doctor to explain the harmful effects of alcohol in the hope of making her husband quit drinking.
The doctor shows him two glasses – one glass of wine, one is cool water.

 Then the doctor  catch a earthworm and drop into a glass of cold water, the worm is still alive but when drop it  into a glass of wine ,momentarily the worms die .Doctor tell the husband:
- You see, the worms live only in water, but in alcohol, then it dies. So that you know the harmful effects of alcohol, don’t you?
The husband shouted: What a surprise!
Thus, from drinking I was less worm abdominal painful!

And intimately pats the doctor on the back: But, Sometimes it still hurts, sir. From now on I will use high doses to kill it completely!?

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