Havaianas for Afghanistan

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This morning Vinicius Donola and I had our usual coffee after we drop off our children.
Vinicius is a leading journalist from Brazil and one of the most inspiring people I have met in my 21 years in NYC.

Vinicius has been writing and supporting our initiatives for building schools in Afghanistan and support Veteran business opportunities.

This morning we decided its time to contact the Brazilian company Havaianas and see if they are interested to partner with us in the production and distribution of Havaianas and the Afghan flag.
This concept is a strong positive message to help Afghanistan and the rest of the world about what we can all do together.

Vinicius is also planning a trip to Afghanistan to meet Roya Mahboob in person and document her work and projects, we are now laying out the concept and working on the coordination.

We will keep you posted

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