Have You Read The Terms? Do's and Don't in bitlanders

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Not all the Rules are in the FAQs. I'm wondering if most of us already read the terms of service of bitLanders. I guess most of us did not. While I'm browsing some profile and reading some contents one post catch my eyes. Lot of users don't read the terms. I see a lot of spammers, advertisers, etc.

Lot of us do off-topic comments even me sometimes do it ha-ha-ha. But us much as possible I am trying to post a comment related to the topic.

I am encouraging everyone to read and fully understand the terms of Service of bitLanders. In my opinion bitLanders will attract more Advertisers if each users contents are High Quality. Who will advertise in a community with a lot of Spams? Think about it. Please spread the word and let every users know about it. Let's make bitLanders community clean. Have a great day everyone.

To know more about The Terms kindly Read it here: http://www.bitlanders.com/pages/about/terms


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