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"301" is episode one of season three of Haven, a supernatural drama series loosely based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid. In this episode, Parker is being kept prisoner by someone wanting to know where the Colorado Kid is and Haven is troubled by UFOs.


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Previously on Haven...

At the end of "Sins of the Fathers", Parker had been Tasered and abducted by an unknown person. When Nathan arrived at the apartment, he found signs of a struggle and evidence linking it to Duke. Given that there wasn't a struggle, this seems a bit fake. However, Nathan didn't know that and, having found out that Duke's dead father wants him to kill Parker, trusts him even less than usual. Nathan confronts Duke with a gun; Duke himself had one within reach and there was a maze tattoo on Nathan's arm - as the man who's going to kill Duke is supposed to have. From outside Duke's boat a gunshot is heard. Then the next episode, "Silent Night", was completely unconnected to this.

Weird Things Happen

Duke (who now has longer hair; bit of a continuity problem there) knocked Nathan's gun aside and drew one of his own and then there was a fight. Which resulted in Duke getting some of Nathan's blood and becoming super strong. Then all the loose metal items, including the guns, stick to the ceiling. Audrey is being kept prisoner by a man who wants to know where the Colorado Kid is.

Metal is Falling From the Sky

In Haven itself quite a few metal items have fallen out of the sky, causing quite a few accidents. Dwight (who has had a haircut and a shave) is dealing with it. Another woman has been abducted too. Dwight is concerned that Dave may be involved, as Vince and Dave have been having disagreements over the proper course to take.


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Abducted by Aliens

At the abduction site of the second woman there are drag marks in blood and the woman's son says she was abducted by aliens. He wants Nathan to help stop the aliens. The missing woman was abducted by Parker's kidnapper too - because Parker is being kept in the inn she owns. Audrey's abductor knows quite a bit about her, and knows that she is the same person as the woman who called herself Lucy Riley. Apparently they both had feelings for the Colorado Kid, and he believes that Parker is dissimulating.


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Yes, There Are UFOs

Nathan and Duke are cooperating, but they keep running into problems with malfunctioning equipment, and then Nathan gets dragged by an invisible force into a a field covered in crop circles. Then they see a UFO. Which fires something at the town. The UFO incidents are due to a Troubled UFOlogist. Audrey's problem is something different. Having aliens appear is causing problems though.


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"301" has nothing to do with the aliens, but is instead related to Parker's past and the Colorado Kid. It can also be considered to refer to season three, episode one - which this episode is.

Haven - 301 Opening

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