Having A Pedicure at home

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The word pedicure comes from Latin words that are Pedis which means related to feet and cure means having a treatment So pedicure means applying cosmetic treatments to feet and toe nails so that the appearance of feet would be improved. Pedicure includes cleaning of feet ,trimming of toe nails and removing of scars.

Before stating the procedure prepared your pedicure tub .Fill it with Warm Water .Add shampoo, rose water, lemon juice, and a spoon of salt . mix it properly.If there is any nail polish on your toe nails remove it .

Procedure :

First of all bleach your feet of some famous and secured company for 10 to 15 minutes .

After removing the bleach dip your feet in the tub for 5 minutes.

Than apply cutical double action on toe nails than clean them with the help of pusher and remove it than apply a good feet cleanser to your feet and massage it properly for 5 minutes after removing it placed your feet back in tub for 5 minutes .

Now with the help of foot brush clean your feet from and bottom and also toe nails.After this clean your  the calluses on the heel and ball of your foot by scrubbing with the foot reaper .

Next are the trimming and shaping of toe nails comes.First of all cut your nails according to your desired shape.

With the help of cuticle stick  push back the cuticle around each nail very carefully and by using cuticle trimmers cut away the excess cuticle skin or dead skin that builds up over time around toe nails.Dip them back in tub .

Massage gently with fruit massage cream than with Foot Scrub . Than wash your feet .Dry them with towel .

 Now apply pink nail polish to nails and white on tips .

Now you can feel the softness ,beauty and improved look of your feet .


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