Hazara weight lifting competition

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In this blog I am going to tell you guys about weight lifting competition which was held on Sunday in Haripur at Fort Road in Hazara Body Building Club. 

It was an interesting event, many weight lifters comes to compete  in this competition and show their talent .In this competition many lifter came from every part of Haripur . Its obvious that every one competes to win but only one who did hard work wins. 

I was also taking part in this competition it was my first time to compete in this type of competition. I was a bit nervous but my trainer give me courage to compete in this competition .First they checked our weights and then they catagorize us in three different classes according to our weight.I was placed in light weight .Basically there were three classes: one was light weight, second was normal or medium weight and third and final was heavy weight.

Competition starts from light weight class all of us were very exited at that time. They call us one by one on the stage to lift  weights which we tell them we are going to lift .Each of us can make two attempts  in which we can increase weight in every attempt, all of us performed well .After finishing competition in light weight class it was the time to declare results although all of us performed well but they have to declare three positions. Hashim won the title of light weight class and I was placed at 2nd position and Amir was placed at 3rd. I was too happy that I got 2nd position and I promised my trainer that I will work hard and INSHALLAH I will win next time.

After this it was the time for competition in normal or medium weight class there were only 2 persons in this class. They performed well it was tough for them because there were only two in medium weight and they have to give their best to win although at the end the best one wins.In this class Naheem won the title he was happy and enjoying that moment .


At last it was the time for heavy weight class, there were six persons competing in this class. It was the most enjoyable part of the competition to watch them because they lifted very heavy weights .They competed with enthusiasm because every one of them wanted to win but as I said before that the one who had done hard work and trained hard will win.In this class Saeed khan won, he lifted 130 kg in clean and jerk and snatched 100 kg he was best from all of them and he was rewarded with gold medal for his outstanding performance. 

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