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Health and education

Health and education are often seen related to each other. One is making the best use of our physique, while other is about making the best use of our minds and our feelings. Health and education are important issues. Both are necessary for the good and modern life. Modern societies provide health and education facilities their members.

Clinics and hospitals

Usually, a clinic is where patients can consult a doctor and get treatment while a hospital is a place which not only offer treatment but also nursing care. In a hospital there are wards, where patients can stay overnight or for many days until they cured. However, this difference is not always true as some clinics also have facility of nursing care, and some hospitals may be smaller than big clinics. In either case, they provide treatment for those who have fallen ill.


Pharmacies or drug store is a place where medicines are sold. Person who run a pharmacy is called pharmacist or chemist. We can easily buy ordinary medicines from pharmacy, but medicine that may have strong side effects can only be purchased by showing a recommendation from a doctor. so chemist have to be a responsible person. A chemist have to pass test before running a pharmacy.     

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