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In this blog I will be sharing some daily tips that will keep you healthy and active.My goal is to help you as I know that most of you are busy and don't have enough time to exercise or eat healthier food.

Last few decades saw an exponential grow in the field of science and technology.Manual labor jobs have become sitting on a chair all time white collar job.We have stopped making our food and taken onto pre-processed.It contains chemicals but we don't care.With the advent of internet it had made our life more easier.We can do anything anywhere in the world siting in our pajamas in our house.The last excuse for going out and and do work is gone now.

And now it's all this

We are FAT.

Even if you are not, you might be stressed,tired and annoyed.If you start making few small changing in your life you would be adding many pleasant years of your life with years to come.

7 Minute Work-Out:

If you are low on time the best thing to do is 7 minute work out.There are twelve exercises with five seconds gap.It takes only 7 minutes but at the end of it you will brake quite a lot of sweat.

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Avoiding Carpal Tunnel:

If you are working constantly on a computer your hands can get tired,resulting in some thing  called Carpal Tunnel syndrome.If you have tingling in your hands or feel numbness you can follow simple exercises.

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If you follow this simple exercises seen in the video above you can see the difference in number of days.

Set Manageable Goals:


             Some people try to do too much too soon and they might get injured.

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You cannot be a competitive body builder in one day by doing 12 hours workout overnight.Rather it requires patience,dedication and time.Try to divide the time for a week in equal intervals this will help you more.Make sure you can start a new work regime with activities you can fit into your schedule.

Involve your Entire Family:

When it comes to living a healthy life style you don't have to do it alone.Involve your family and educate your kids.Tell them about benefits of eating healthy and what junk food can do to you.Cut down the junk food into your house as minimum as possible.Setting fitness and nutrition as your goals for your whole family will help you stay on track setting a good example for your family.

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Lay workout clothes and a mint each night:

Plan on going for a run in early morning or going for a gym for a early AM workout.Layout your athletic clothes to your side.This will help you not to think when going out early morning.If this doesn't help you than place a mint at your side.Study have shown chewing a mint early morning will help your brain and keep your senses alive and help inspire you your workout in.

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If you have a long day full of meetings and busy evenings your stress level can certainly increase.Stress can have terrible effect on you and well being.There fore one of the best things you can do is to stay healthy is to relax if you don't have time to take hot bath or meditate,studies have shown that even anticipation of laughter can help you relax.So,take a look at some funny videos on YouTube to help you unwind. 

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Looking away from Computer Screen:

This century have bought a 20:20:20 seen.This means after looking at your computer screen for a 20 minutes you can look away from and focus on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.This will help you to give boost to your eyes.

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Optimum Foods:

When you are busy your diet can suffer too much vending machines,pizzas and takeaways can become a regular occurrence.Make sure you have good stocks of food that will provide right nutrition for you.For example , tomatoes are good for your heart, spinach can be good for your brain, blueberries can are good for maintaining  cholesterol level, and pumpkin seeds are good for your memory and  are hugely nutritious

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Prolonged sitting is dangerous for you:

Man were not mean't to sit for prolonged period of time in front of a computer screen  with your back bone haunch to a computer chair.It can cause several effects.When you are aged it can cause problems to back bone and it can grow irregularly. 

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Sitting for several hours and especially sitting in a bad posture can damage your organ, slowing of brain functions, back pain and a lot more.

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Live an active life style:

If you don't have much time for your gym or going to dance class then incorporating exercise into your lifestyle might help you stay healthy and even fit when your schedule is maxed up.For example take walk when going to office in a cab,do gardening with your partner, or go swimming with a friend instead of meeting for coffee.

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Lastly,Do nothing for two minutes:

It seems simple.But that's the challenge.Just try to relax and try not to think about your worries or how your team performs in fantasy football league.Shut down all the worries take some deep breaths for just two minutes ignoring all the negative thoughts that come into your mind.It will be good for you.

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