Health is wealth

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Health is wealth

Its meaning: we all know the famous saying "HEALTH IS WEALTH"

Health means state of complete physical, mental and social well-being of a person

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Importance of Health

This saying demonstrates the importance of health in our life. There is no happiness in life without health. Everything seems to be null and void if you are not healthy. The charm of life is just because of proper health. Health is the greatest blessing of life.

A healthy person feels life in every limb. Life is possible without wealth but a life without health is never considered. The body of a human being is like a machine, if it is not properly charged then our required functions can never be accomplished. Similarly, if the health of a man is not good he wouldn’t be able to be the happier and compatible person of the society.

Benefits of a healthy body:

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A healthy person would be:


A person having a good and proper healthy body will be active. He will be smart enough in his work. He properly accomplishes the tasks he was assigned. He will not get tired after doing a small amount of work. He can manage everything efficiently and take up responsibilities truly.

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A person with appropriate health owes the property of being regular. He will not let his work delayed; rather do his work on the given time. He knows the worth of time, therefore he values this worthy thing and did not waste it.


A man with a good esteemed health, will be consistent in his behavior and also in his work. He will not panic in workload situations rather he handles them with cool behavior and did not lose his temperament. He always keeps a cheerful temper.

Smart and Happy:

Having a healthy body will automatically make you happy and smart enough. A man enjoying his health will not have any problems to get frustrated on that. He will be a calm person.


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Flaws of being Sick

First of all, I will explain you about sickness i.e. what is sickness?

According to merriam-webster sickness is defined as:

An ill health or a disordered, weakened, or unsound condition or a specific disease is know as sickness

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Being sick will affect you a lot. Without health, your life will be boring. Life is a weary burden to a person which does not have health. The richest man with bad health always suffers and groans. A rich person can afford various luxuries of life such as a big car, large house, costly accessories, etc.

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But, he can enjoy these luxuries only if his health is good. He is unhappy even though he has great wealth to spend. Some of the problems a sick man face include:


The sick person will get irritated all the time. He would not like anything. He gets irritated to meet people. He doesn’t like the taste of any food. His life will be charmless for him with the diseases he got. Eating plenty of medicines make him frustrated. He shrinks his duties.

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Life gets dull and dry:

Everything besides a sick person would turn down into a rough object. He did relish the food not he takes. He would be dull physically. Sitting with the people make the ill person tiring. He would not get fascinating to anything.

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He did not like the company of his friends and relatives, rather he spends most of his time being void. All his activities are smashed. His hobbies not more become with him, because he doesn't have the strength to do anything.


An unhealthy person would be lazy enough. He does not get interested in anything. He always seems to be lazy and dull. He gets tired after doing a little work. He always finds some time to take rest rather than focusing on his duties. His work will be affected because of his unhealthy body. That will be problematic for that person to survive.


Factors for maintaining a Healthy Body

1. Physical Exercise

Good health can be attained and preserved by plenty of exercise in the open air. Do exercises regularly in that. Make your body active, by doing simple exercises. Doing exercise not regularly can cause you different problems so, make proper time for your daily exercise.

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You may take exercise in any gymnasium regularly. However, too much of exercise is bad and harmful. Physical exercise should be taken regularly and only for a short period.


2. Morning Walk

Early morning walk is also much important. We should get up early and take a brisk walk. Taking a breath in the fresh air early morning is good for our lungs. Most of the diseases would be prevented by this early morning walk. Doctors also advise every person to walk few miles every day.

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We may walk a kilometer or two every day. We may take some Yoga exercises. Heart patients are also prescribed to do so. Make yourself use too of walking, without getting lazy.

3. Proper Rest and Sleep

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Proper sleep is essential for our body to work properly. If we are not sleeping at the time and keep awake for midnight that will cause severe  damage to our body system. Our eyes will also get affected due to this improper sleep.

Early to bed and early to rise, make you healthy, wealthy and wise

4. Balanced Diet

The topmost factor that is necessary for a body to be fit and healthy is the use of a suitable and balanced diet. A balanced and nutritious diet helps the proper growth of the body. Our diet should be balanced. We should take proper food. Food that we take is enough for health, but if we take it fresh and in proper quantity than that is the best.

As said:


  1. Taking food in a huge amount is also not good.
  2.  Over-eating can cause you many problems.
  3. Most of the diseases are caused because of over-eating and having unhealthy food.
  4.  Un-healthy food can cause your cholesterol level to increase up, which causes heart problems.
  5. The food that we eat is to be taken in regular hours.
  6.  We should not bolt our meals.
  7.  Food taken hurriedly is not well digested. So, have it with patience and eat slowly.

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5. Sports

Sports and games matter a lot in the maintenance of a healthy body. Sports make you fit. Playing physical games is good for the children also. Their body becomes used too of such exercise. Different games are available that make you active include gymnastics, cricket, badminton etc.

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Elders can also play these games with the children so, that they also make themselves strong. Playing different games can make your body strong. You will not get tired after doing some hard job. You become stable in each circumstance.

6. Keep Anxieties Away

The essential thing for staying in good health is to free the mind from cares and anxieties as far as possible. A man who takes tension cannot enjoy his rest or sleep soundly at night. He will always think about the problems. His mind cannot calm down even during sleep.

He would be mentally retarded. His mind would not be in rest so, different problems like depression or brain disorders can be found in him. Keeping yourself cool and relax is much important for a person to be physically and mentally healthy.


It is my personal advice that keep eating healthy food and keep exercising daily without any pause because the life means to move on and you can only continue to move on when you are healthy and fit. Do not lose hope and never step back. Do not depend on others and make the efforts by yourself.

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