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It me, Williams, again. This is the second blog and i think i should do it uniquely so i am going to write an academic essay. I have to say that i have just learned how to write an essay for few months so i will be pleased if someone corrects me ^^.

Hi today i am going to write something about the: "The effect of increasing the number of sports facilities and others measures"

There are those who assert that the optimal way to enhance public health is through the expansion of sports facilities. Detractors; however, argue that this would have negligible effect on the general health for the public and other approaches are needed.

To begin with, i believe the effectiveness of the former method has been shown. For example, in central areas of Hanoi, for the last several years, a large number of gyms and swimming pools were constructed, leading to the phenomenon that teenagers did these activities more frequently. Moreover, at the parks, the authorities set up a number of specific amenities for elderly and disable people so that them have been able to exercise outdoors, not just inside their homes anymore. The approach, in my opinion, was designed to improve the accessibility to sports activities for the citizens and has done some positive effects.

On a contrary, in some other places such as suburban and suburb regions, this method is not sufficient to advance the public health. To illustrate, in Linhnam street, the sport centres are not used regularly by the people there due to the lack of advertisement, making them unpopular. In addition, laziness is also a major problem which deprives the population of using the provided facilities even though these are now more accessible. I suggest the initiative that includes both the expansion and the responsibility of the government to make the notion of doing sports activities  more well delivered to the citizens. This can be achieved by organising events to promote these activities.

To sum up, i do not think that increasing the quantity of the sports facilities would of itself be the optimum way. To make it better, the remedy should combine other measures, such as promotion and education to bring it into effect.

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