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Diabetes Awareness

If you are diagnosed with a  type of two diabetes your doctor will almost certainly tell you to lose weight. Dr, Joan Khaoo Joo Ching, consultant endocrinologist at Chagi General Hospital in Singapore, advises patients to lose weight gradually aim for up to 1KG per week. The healthiest ways to lose weight are to eat a balanced diet with fewer calories than the normal daily intake and increase physical activity. Try activities such as brisk walking at five times a week. When it comes to food, research has indentified a enhanced way of eating in the countries that surround the Mediterranean method. In a current trail using diet change to produce weight loss in overweight people who has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, 56% of people on the Mediterranean diet were able to achieve good control of type 2 diabetes without medication. To help your blood sugar.



Beef, Lamb, Pork

Fish, Poultry, Beans

Butter, Margarine, butter substitute

Extra virgin olive oil or other vegetables oils

Low – fat crackers, chips

Walnuts or other nuts, sunflower and pumpkins

Egg substitute, fat-free yogurt

Fresh fruit

Baked potatoes, white bread rice

Steamed or sautéed vegetables with herbs.


Look Forward to this:

Activating Sirtuins

A chemical called resveratrol which is found in red grapes, lower blood glucose in animals and humans when given in very high doses. Sirt activatore which are much more potent than resveratrol are being tested as potential treatments for diabetes.

The Diabetes Tattoo

Scientists at Draper Laboratory in Cambridge have developed a fluorescent nano sensor that can be injected into body membrane like a tattoo dye, alerting patients to rising glucose levels. As level rise, the tattoo changes color and fluoresces telling the user if an insulin shot is needed.

Stem Cell Therapy

In small groups of diabetes patients, injections of their own stem cells were effective regenerating pancreatic islet cell so they no longer needed insulin injections to control blood glucose. Stem cell therapy is still in the experimental stage.

 Mediation as Medication

 We have long known that devotees of mindfulness meditation can better control pain, but novices may bring in some advantages, too. A small study from the University of Carolina has shown that even a short and simple course in the therapy.

Target Hypertension

Dementia expert Dr. Michael Valenzuela suggests there is a significant link between a healthy heart and a healthy brain. High blood pressure means that blood flow to the hippocampus. In the last five to ten years we have had an inkling that right near the start of the Alzheimer’s process there’s a trigger that may be this very serve.

 Pilates for Strength

A system of slow, controlling exercise intended to strengthen your body’s core stabilizing muscles while improving natural flexibility.


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