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The current generation we have now, people are expected to live less than those generation long ago. We are expose to junk foods, fast foods and food preservatives that can harm and destroy our health. These kinds of food may not easily affect the body's performance but slowly degrade the healthy functions of our body system. Eating the best food is always the key factor to healthy and longer life.

We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are one great foods that the body craves because it all have the essential nutrients the body needs. Take a look at this picture. Eating at least one fruit on this picture everyday can help you stay healthy. Life is always full of diseases and the best way to fight against it is the preventive way. We may sometimes take healthy lifestyle for granted but that's just what life is right? There are people who are always less conscious about their health because they have different priorities. We all have our own ways to stay healthy and the good thing about it is that those ways are not wrong.

Always keep in mind that taking things into moderation is one way to stay healthy and fit. Moderation in eating meat, vegetables and fruits is good. Too much can always result into unexpected things. A good exercise will do to keep those toxins away from your body. All this tips are basic and simple and it is always up to you who to follow.Live healthy Stay Healthy. Eat the right kind of food and a good simple exercise will do.

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