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International communities are trying to help the Afghan women in different ways and now women have right to vote and participate in public life and got access to health care as well. Although many the women have been helped in many cases but still there are people consider them anti-Islam and have been threatened to attack.

Now women and their rights turned to be a battle ground in a society because there are some people who respect for the women’s’ rights  and some violate it so this quarrel among two sections make this issue more important. Although international communities try to help the women to find their position in a society but still they fail in many places.

As the news of foreign forces leave has been spread out, some women started fearing the situation after they leave. They believe Afghanistan will go back to civil war and disaster will start again. As the foreign forces are leaving, the insurgents are getting stronger and stronger. This cause the women feel kind of miserable because they are afraid of what happened to them and will not accept it again.

In the past the women were in a critical situation which banned them almost from everything but now hopes are arising for the women. With the help of international communities and Afghan government women have the right to participate in society as such as education, work, and even go open or run business. Most girls now have the feeling to exercise or play sports since they see support from government but the beginning is always difficult in all aspects of women’s life, the girls may face challenges once they start a social work but later on will be alright.

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Saieda Sadiqi was in Herat Afghanistan. Saieda Sadiqi is in 12th class in Fateh High school . Saieda Sadiqi Studied English in Ansarian institute . Saieda Sadiqi returned to Afghanistan after fall of Taliban in 2001.

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