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In Italy, the most famous sport is football. Personally I hate it because too much money are involved, money which could have been spent in other sports, much more interesting and beautiful to watch. 

Quidditch is a new sport, made famous by the book series of Harry Potter. Obviously in Muggle's Quidditch players doesn't fly or use magic, but is still very interesting and nice to watch. I personally know one member of the Italian team, and the way he talks to me about this sport, the passion he has in it are almost fascinating. 

In the rest of the word Quidditch is far more popular (and people are more likely to support new ideas), but in Italy the team is having problem in travelling around the word because this is a non-profit organization. With a donation of only 2 euros (around 2,70 dollars) you can help these guys to fulfill their dream, and help a new amazing sport to become famous in Italy!

Here is the link to the fundraising campaign


Thank you 


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