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           What is help? Help basically means the gestures through which the peoples' problems,sorrows and worries are solved and shared by others.Helping others is a very God-pleasing act and it creates a sweet relation with our surroundings.Help a game of just four letters can be so beneficial for the one who is in distress.





        But the worst thing about this modern age is that we are busy in our own lives and are in pursuit of our own pleasures.we are least concious of the situation surrounding us where every single soul is sad over something.We don't care whether our brothers or sisters are sorrowful and they need us badly.






         It is well said by someone John Oxenham:

                  Art thou lonely,O my brother?

                  Share the little with others

                   Stretch the hand to one unfriended,

                    And the lonliness is ended..................

         Today,the world is facing countless problems just because of the lack of coordination and moral support.





          Through help,we can bring a smile to a man's face who is tired of bearing all the difficulties of life.We should be curious to help each other for the peace and prosperity.Through our help we can make this world a happy place to live in.Through help misfortune can be converted into good fortune and adversities can be changed into pleasures.So,we should help others to please our God and our fellows.

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