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Do you remeber your first love? How was it? Sweet? Bitter? Sour? Hahaha! Whatever it is, I know for sure that it's memorable. :)

It's still fresh in my mind. The roller coaster feeling I had. The sleepless nights. The big sighs. The heartbreaks. The tears. The butterflies in my stomach. Blissful smiles. All of these before she reciprocated my feelings. Back then, I never thought that there will be a day when she'll say this sweet phrase "I love you". I was so happy, she is happy, we both believe that the relationship would last long up to five years. 

It's ignorant of me to believe such things. We didn't even reach an anniversary. I still have this down feeling. Eight days before anniversary. We're almost there. It ended, if she'll be happy with that person why not? I just regret being childish when we ended. I was so stupid. I shoud have accepted it silently and not argue with her. I should not have throw a tantrum. I should have set her free and love her silently like I do this time. 

It's been twenty three months and I'm still chained to her. I want her to be happy. 

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