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As the other province, the Herat people were deprived from all the educational services, while the Taliban were running the country. The dark tyrannical regime of Taliban negated all rights of the people. They closed theschools for the girls and limited access of the youths to the educational centers. They allowed only the religious Madrassa and changed most important subjects of the schools.

Youths, especially the girls were quite desperate. Female schools were used only as military barracks; Six years of Taliban government drowned the people in the endless ocean of desperation and isolation. There were no one to support the Afghan-education loving people.

Youths were hopelessly looking to the world to listen to their suffocated voices. Finally the world decided to open another page of the history and toppled the Taliban regime. While winds of hopes and dreams were blowing, all the youths both girls and boys rushed toward the schools and other educational centers. Since falling of the Taliban regime, tens of thousands of young people took private and public educations.

Now Herat is stepping on its correct educational path, as most of the young people are able to speak English as an international language.


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Ghouharshad High School is established in 1340 at the time of Zahir Shah in the middle of Herat city. The school is including 54 classes, 254 teachers, and about ten thousands of students who are studying in different shifts. Afghan Citadel Software Company equipped the school with an IT Class…

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