Heredity And Crime

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Heredity And Crime

As we know that everyone take some common habits or hormone from their father or ancestors let’s see that what is the idea of researchers about taking criminal behaviour from their born mother and father

Some researchers advocate that some individuals inherit a penchant or a biological predisposition to criminality that might be based genetically Deference between criminals and non-criminals are through comparison and statistical studies on behaviour of deferent generations that these deference’s may be known through deferent methods of assessing the relationship between genetics and criminal behaviour

A- Family studies 

B- Twins 

C- Adoption Studies 


1- Family Studies

The first studies conducted on the relationship between heredity and crime was family studies that focused on the comparison between family histories of group of criminals and non-criminals the best known examples are the Juke Family and Kallikas Family and also there are other examples that shows that correlations were the result of heredity not environment as an example boys who are taken out of home, early become criminals than those who remain in the home with their families 

Juke's family pic 

2- Twins

The second approach was undertaken on studies of twins that researched about the comparison between the behaviour of the pairs (twins) that comprised two categories of twins fraternal and identical twins fraternal twins are called dizygotic and identical is called monozygotic the research conducted on the twins attempted to find out whether there exist greater similarities among identical or fraternal pairs that greater similarity was found among dizygotic pairs (fraternal) which provided strong support for the assumption that criminal behaviour is inherited


3- Adoption studies

Studies that conducts on samples of adoptees says that the most of them are placed at birth and that their biological fathers are in the most cases unknown to them, now the question is here that if the behaviour of children more closely matches to their biological parents than their adoptive parents and it was found that there is greater probability for adopted children to become criminals if they are born from parents with criminal record even though they had been placed in proper environments with their righteous adoptive parents


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