Hidden reality is far more bitter than apparent reality

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                             An existing thing is called reality and the doctrine that all things exists independently of our ideas is called realism.In other words we can say that the truth is called reality.Apparent reality is what which is observed by naked eye, which is like an open book.Every one can observe it, can judged it.But hidden reality is beyond the scope of our vision.Just only God knows the hidden realities of people.                                                                        

 Some people have ideas that perception is more important than reality.And infact your reality will not be happy, if you are not managing perception.Reality is what ultimately is our perception of that reality.I agree with this idea.Infact the faculty of perceiving, a discernment is behind reality.Apparent reality is better because it shows your discernment very openly to the people and people would get satisfied.But when your hidden reality is exposed, then except shocked and dissatisfaction, you get nothing.                                                                                               I will give you the example of Pakistan's relative famous movie ''BOL''.In this movie the very beautiful interpretation of hidden reality is presented infront of whole community.Bol is an equally superlative piece of work,women's emancipation,poverty,homosexuality and somewhere an unspoken hope for laicism.In the movie the hidden reality of the character Hakim is exposed which reflects the majority of our Pakistan male cast's thinking.For his desire for a male child,he adds to a number of births.And he was asked why he was doing so.He just give lame excuses that he fulfil the religious purpose,to ensure Prophet's Ummah over powers all else.so i called this kind of behaviour as hypocracy.Man should justify himself by keeping only one reality and that is you should not have dual nature.you should not pretend yourself.You should exposed yourself what you are and it really does work.My opinion is very much similar to Geoffery Chaucer,                                                                                                            

 ''Although my wit is short but you may well understood.''

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