Hiking on their foot and its Importance for health

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The word hiking means of journey on foot. So hiking means to walk or to tramp. And such walkers are found in everywhere in the world. Some men are extra ordinary great hiker. They are only interest and pleasure is on walking. They walk on the hills and mountains along the banks of the river and the fields.

There are so many places for hiking. First of all hiking is a sort of physical exercise due to this, they are various means of our body move. Our legs, arms and other parts of the body come in motion. They provides good physical exercise which keeps us physically fit and healthy. Hiking in the country side are such a feeling of being independent. There is independence of the mind as well as our body.

We are away from the busy life while walking in the seaside which is very good things our life. We want as we like. No discipline,  rules and regulations are required in hiking. We can chat and using Internet by walking. The third advantage of hiking is that we can inhale plenty of fresh air the area of the gardens and hills of the open places and meadows in loaded with a sweet flowers and fruits.  The cool and fresh air are became our body healthy and fit.

The another advantage of hiking is that due to it we can travel most of the places of the country and enjoy beautiful scenes, sights and sounds of nature. We can see nature in various modes and colors. We can see the falling of water in the river which can hear the sweet music of the waterfall we can see the great meadows and feels.

Due to high king we are so enjoy the walking on the forest in which there are so many types of trees and plants that makes this world beautiful. I can enable us to feel fresh, healthy and study. Hiking is a medicine for some patience and it is a good and great exercise for most of us.

After hiking in countryside one feels more appetite and the enjoys the meal. While on of hiking trip, the people in your eyes are the beauties of the nature. The green nature are seems to be very beautiful. We enjoy these places of nature by hiking and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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