History of Pakistan Film Industry

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Today i am going to tell you about Pakistan Movie Industry which is also called Lollywood. Cinema Trend in Pakistan is from day one. And People like to watch movies at Cinema. When Pakistan was created in August 1947, There was combine movies with India. but later Pakistan establish his own industry and start movie making, in the beginning Pakistan Create Amazing Movie which have wonderful stuff of songs and story. And many many big singers and actor show up there art and ability. Well here are few Singers and Actors, which were so famous till 1975.

1. Noor Jahan 



This is her first pic when she was 19 Years old. Her first song was in the movie "Koyal"


This pic is from 1963. When she was at the top, Later one song in 1965 Pakistan India War. "aa Putar hatan te nhi viday " Was inspire the war Soldiers of Pakistan. She also called as Malk e Taranum( Melody Queen )

2. Waheed Murrad


He know as also chocolaty hero. He was the Pioneers in the Pakistani Film Industry.

3. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali with his wife 


3. Saeed Khan ( Rangeela) 

He was know as Pioneer Comedy Actor In Pakistan Film Industry. He still have huge fan following.


The face expression of Rangeela was wonderful and he did work as movie director 

Well there are many people and singers who make Pakistan proud in all over the world, in 1977 to 1988 , Pakistan Film industry was going down because of Zia ul Haq, The ruler at that time. later Punjabi version take place, and Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qurashi got famous.

4. Sultan Rahi

5. Mustafa Qurashi


Well this is all from my Side Folks. and stay tune to know about one more blog on Pakistan film industry Recent Movies and Actors . Have a Good day :)

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