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Alfred Hitchcock's definition of happiness - "A clear horizon...nothing to worry about on your plate...only things that are creative and not destructive.".

Despite what it may seem from the picture above, Alfred Hitchcock was a very happy individual. He lived his life doing what he loved to do, being creative and directing some of the best films ever made. 
I have always been a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock and his work (Psycho and Rear Window being in my top 10 films list) and I am sure a lot of you will share my admiration. Recently, I watched an interview with the man himself answering the question "What is Happiness?".
He answers the question in his calm yet certain tone, explaining that happiness to him is living a life where he can focus on being creative. This is something I believe every artist desires, whether you are a painter, film maker, musician. But achieving this goal seems to be a very difficult one. 
The majority of jobs out there aren't creative or restrict creativity and the few jobs that are creative are desired by many and thus are very difficult to obtain. The Internet to me is the new beacon of hope for the creative person to make a living. More and more people are using the internet to sell their artwork, personally designed clothing lines, music, films etc.

More and more filmmakers are using sites like filmannex to make money by being creative. On top of that, their art is reaching audiences all around the world. I truly believe the internet is now becoming the most powerful and important tool for the independent artist.

Hitchcock's entire interview can be found here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14dOICbwSIs


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