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Home Loving 


Everyone talks about his or her own country, its weather, mountains, rivers, people and many other this or things which are not common with other countries or things that are unique, it seems that everyone loves his or her homeland, but the degree of home loving is several kind someone madly loves, someone else may love in part, and even the people may exist who are indifferent to their country,

So what is unique in your Country?

Those who love their homeland try to pave the ground for progress of their country, that every single member of country can do it easily such as those who are studying first study for their own self and secondly for the favour of their country, those who are working can work for getting money to run their life secondly can work harder for the progress of their homeland’s economy so everyone is working and serving their country in deferent, direct and indirect way

What have u done for your country? 


And there are those types of people which can’t even help their selves such as addicted people, illiterate people, and criminals and so on so it’s good to be a worthy person rather than a worthless or a shame for your country and countrymen

Mohammad (peace be upon him) says “Home loving is sign of faithfulness” it means one who is a real Muslim must respect, love and work for his or her homeland and must never create something which defames his or her country

So its dependent on person that what does home loving mean to him or her, or how he or she can serve effectively the country,  he/she is following the way that what the prophet of Islam Mohammad PBUH said in this issue

Wherever we are whatever we do, we cannot be insensate to our country, as it is said (East or West home is the best) that is to say, the only place we feel comfortable is our own country, so let’s work for the good of our country and lead our community toward uplift and prosperity 


Home loving is in serving your country, serve your country 

Niamat Sahabi

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Niamat Sahabi Was Born in Kabul Afghanistan he is studyig Law in Faculty of Law in Cairo University

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