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Honey is considered by numerous to be the world’s most oldest sweetener. A great many people use sweeteners everyday so its important to figure out how honey contrasts from sugar.

Sugar and Honey both contain glucose and fructose,but there is a big difference in components and health benefits.

The glucose in honey can be immediately absorbed into your body which will bring about you having more energy. Fructose in honey will help your vitality levels last more contrasted with sugar.

Sugar is a product manufactured using commercial crystal cane.But in the process of preparations ,all the nutrients such as Nitrogen, Proteins, Vitamins etc are destroyed in the Products.

But unlike Sugar, honey is a natural product that is 100% without added chemicals and fragrances.

The most important reason to consume honey is a direct result of its numerous health advantages.

It contains numerous minerals, for example, calcium, potassium,magnesium,sulfur, sodium chlorine, phosphate and iron.

Honey has certain beneficial antimicrobial and antioxidant properties which are not present in sugar.

If you are dieting and wish to substitute honey for sugar as a major aspect of a calorie controlled diet, then it may help to manage your energy levels

Therefore, honey is more nutritious than sugar and taking into account all factors honey should replace sugar.



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