Hong Kong Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth (Part 3)

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A continued adventure in Hong Kong Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth. Parked my fingers at the Sleeping Beauty Castle in my previously submitted blog as part 2 of the aforementioned heading where I started introducing the Sleeping Beauty Castle. For this time around, I will share with you the magical world of Hong Kong Disneyland and be in awe as you enter the central figure in the history of animation -- Disneyland. So let me tag you along as I carry on with my Hong Kong Disneyland adventure and bewitch as I welcome you for the third time in The Happiest Place on Earth.

Hong Kong Disneyland / Video Credit: francisjon14 via Youtube

I found a very detailed video of Hong Kong Disneyland trip uploaded by francisjon14 together with his family. This video will show you from the main entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland until some of the Land Areas inside the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Enjoy watching!


Sleeping Beauty Castle / Photo Credit: Dimpsy

At the very far end of the Main Street, USA lies the Sleeping Beauty Castle - one of the iconic castles in any Disneyland Themed Parks in the world. A replica of the original Sleeping Beauty Castle in Anaheim California but with different fine distinctions and color scheme is for one. In Hong Kong Disneyland, it's more of a neutral white and pink colors with regard to the castle's accents and cornice. Another distinction would be the smaller number of trees that surrounds the castle for the purpose of having a wider view during the nightly Disney in the Stars Fireworks show where guests gather around in the wide area hour/minutes before the show will kick off. Early birds catch the nice spots so better be early if you want to have good snaps of the castle with fireworks backdrop.


Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy

Walt Disney

Sleeping Beauty Castle Main Entrance / Photo Credit: Dimpsy

Before stepping in into the main entrance of the Sleeping Beauty Castle you will notice as you look up a plaque with English letters and Chinese characters inscribing one of Walt Disney's quotes "HERE YOU LEAVE TODAY AND ENTER THE WORLD OF YESTERDAY, TOMORROW AND FANTASY". A simpler context of leaving the Present Time (Today) - as you leave the happiest place on Earth and as you step into a nostalgic phase - the Past (Yesterday), and at a later time - the Future (Tomorrow) with an addition of your Reverie/s - (Fantasy).


Entrance to Tomorrowland Land Area / Photo Credit: Dimpsy

The first land area we visited as soon as we step into the Sleeping Beauty Castle is the Tomorrowland - one of Hong Kong Disneyland's themed/land areas. The creation of Tomorrowland in California is an anticipated culmination of Walt Disney's futurist views. Disney as he was a futurist viewer, wants to see a yield into the future and let the American public know what the future will be through this quote:

"Tomorrow can be a wonderful age. Our scientists today are opening the doors of the Space Age to achievements that will benefit our children and generations to come. The Tomorrowland attractions have been designed to give you an opportunity to participate in adventures that are a living blueprint of our future." 

That being said, Tomorrowland is created where space and futuristic adventures begin. Not my kind of thing though, so I just wandered around the vicinity and took a glimpse of the attractions and events that the land area has but sadly, none of the rides interests me. But for the readers' reference, here are the attractions and events of Tomorrowland in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Tomorrowland Events and Attractions


Fantasyland / Photo Credit: Dimpsy

Seeing the hanged signage at the entrance of Fantasyland made my heart jumped over for joy as my fanatic instinct proved that this is the place for my childhood dreams spring to life. Fantasyland is the best place to be for people who believe in Disney magic, fairytales, and fantasies like me. The land has Fantasy Gardens for the costumed Disney characters to meet and greet the guests. Rides are also available in this area that is suitable for kids and kids at heart. True to its tagline, this place is the happiest place for me. Below are some of the attractions, rides, and Fantasy Gardens that I've explored in Hong Kong Disneyland.


Cinderella Carousel Ride

Cinderella Carousel / Photo Credit: Dimpsy 

One of the rides that Fantasyland have is the Cinderella Carousel RideWalt Disney got the inspiration to create Cinderella Carousel Ride in Disneyland as she watched his daughters while riding the merry-go-round. It also became one of the important features of Walt Disney's theme park design. A vibrant medieval tent with 3,328 shimmering lights during the night and has 60 wood-carved galloping white steeds and two detailed carved chariots. From then on, all themed parks in Disneyland around the world have become the guest's favorite ride for all ages and it's actually my first!

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Ride

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh / Photo Credit: Dimpsy

Inspired from a Disney movie by A.A. Milne's classic tale "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh", where the film comes to life. Hop on to a 6-seater Hunny Pot as you begin to wander the mystical world of Hundred Acre Wood and sail on. It's a story wonderland where a collection of eccentric adventures filled with classic Disney legendary songs and colorful sights that are pleasing to the eyes as you begin your 4 minute ride together with Pooh's animal friends, Piglet, Gopher, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, Tigger, Heffalumps, Woozles, Rabbit, and Owl. Keep an eye of the Heffabee that is holding the camera during the Heffalumps and Woozles scene as he will take a snap of you while in your Hunny Pot and if you want to keep it as a souvenir you can purchase the photo at the Pooh Corner once exiting the Pooh attraction. For Pooh lovers out there, this is a place for you to check out.

It's a Small World Ride


It's A Small World / Photo Credit: Dimpsy

From the composers Richard and Robert Sherman the song "It's a Small World" was born and became the most well-known songs of all time. Walt Disney asked the Sherman brothers to create a single but a multi-lingual song that could be sung by all children in the world. It's a Small World in Hong Kong Disneyland is a 9-minute musical cozy boat ride that sails through the Seven Seaways Canal with a vibrant paper mache as a backdrop and accompanied by the children of the world singing on their own language that will serenade the guests as they travel the 7 continents of the world. A grand finale at the end of the show is where the kids reunite showing the guests the common bonds of pure laughter, genuine friendship, and true happiness in spite of cultural differences, races, and beliefs. At the end of the journey, I can surely say that "It's a Small World" after all.


Fantasy Gardens is a must visit place when in Fantasyland. A well kept small pavilions that are distributed in a whimsical park-like theme that is located in the Fantasyland area. These pavilions are patterned after by Disney's animated masterpiece Fantasia in 1940. All the colors, theme, motifs, characters, hand railings, carvings, trees, topiaries and other details are all motion picture inspired. Ahhh...so much happiness in this place.

Mickey Mouse Pavilion


Mickey Mouse Pavilion / Photo Credit: Joycee Abaquita via Facebook

As for me, this is where "The Happiest Place on Earth" comes in at the Mickey Mouse Pavilion. Details of Mickey's head are well distributed in the pavilion. Pastel colors of blue is the color motif of the pavilion as well as the roof. It's like a photo opportunity booth. As for me, this is the happiest day of my life. Any Disney fanatic that had been to Disneyland can surely relate the happiness and fulfillment I felt.

Minnie Mouse Pavilion


Minnie Mouse Pavilion / Photo Credit: Dimpsy

When there's Mickey there should be Minnie. The Minnie Mouse Pavilion is more on a feminine side with regard to the theme color and the details. It's has carved heart shape in fuchsia pink color nestled at the center of the hand railings. White, light pink and red-pink were the color motifs of the balusters and posts of the pavilion. When I was in the queue line, I saw a group of senior men and women lining up and thought came to mind "maybe Minnie is their fave character during childhood" and the way I saw them they're all grinning from ear to ear. Definitely the happiest place on Earth.

Winnie the Pooh Pavilion


Winnie the Pooh Pavilion / Photo Credit: Dimpsy

Winnie the Pooh Pavilion is my 3rd fave Fantasy Garden. Obviously, the color of the pavilion is Pooh inspired with yellowish and orangey in color on the balusters and white on the post accentuated with circles in Pooh's color. So cute!

Disney Characters Meet and Greet / Video Credit: KinderTubeHD via Youtube

A video from uploader KinderTubeHD. You can see in this video the meet and greet of Disney characters and it will give you an idea on how the Fantasy Garden looked like.


Part 2 of my Hong Kong Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth is where I discussed the first land area which is the Main Street, USA. Scanning all the photos during the trip made me realize that we actually explored four out of the 7 Land Areas and these four are the Main Street, USA, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Adventureland - which I will be sharing with you on my next blog.

Upon entering Disneyland, you are stepping into the world of Yesterday (feels like a child again), Tomorrow (seeing what the future will be in terms of Science and Technology) and Fantasy ( where my Disney fantasies spring to life) but leaving Today (referring to the day at Disneyland Park) is something that I always look forward to that one of these days I will revisit "The Happiest Place on Earth" and re-enter the world of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy.


Thank you and enjoy reading. Until my next blog.

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