Horror Movies I Would Like To Watch During Halloween

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Ever since I was young, I love to watch horror movies. Not that I love watching those gory and bloody scenes.is, In fact, I have my limits. I can't stand watching horror movies as gruesome as the Hell Raiser. For me, those kinds of movies are quite sick. I guess I love the adrenalin rush, the thrills that watching horror movies bring.

Way back in the 1980's there were some horror movies that became popular and had several sequels. Yes, it's not just The Fast and The Furious franchise that got more than 7 sequels.

There were some popular horror movies, though that I haven't watched but I wanted to watch.

In this list, I will include the horror movies from the 1980's up to the more recent films. Some of the movies in this list are movies That I haven't watched and want to watch them on Halloween.

So, here are the 12 horror movies I would like to watch during Halloween.

  • 12- Friday The 13th


Image credit; @connor tomelty via n3rdabl3.com

I have seen one or two fear of this horror movie series. What I wanted to see is how it started. If my memory is correct, the first hockey-mask-wearing serial killer was not named Jason.

I wanted to see how this serial killer how he started his killing spree. More importantly, I wanted to know how returned from the dead in the first place.

  • 11- Halloween

What's a more fitting movie to watch this Halloween than the movie named after the occasion. As I write this blog, I am tempted to search for the synopsis of this movie. But I thought it would be more interesting to watch if I don't know anything about this movie before I watch it.


Image credit: Horror Freak News

  • 10 - Night of the Living Dead

I think this the first zombie movie that I have seen on TV.  This is a film from the 1960's and in black and white. They remade this movie in 1990.

The movie revolves on a group of survivors trapped in a house surrounded by hordes of zombies. The survivors sealed themselves in a house in the middle of a farm. They nailed boards across the windows and doors to keep the zombies out.


image Credit: https://www.sebastianitheatre.com/

While they try to keep the zombies out. There is one among them who doesn't want to stay. He insists of escaping before the zombie horde breaks in.

In the morning they are rescued by soldiers and other survivors. They picked up the bodies of the zombies and burned them.

  • 9- Piranhas.

From undead serial killers to zombies, let me jump to one of the popular fish-turned-monsters movies in 1978, Piranha. I watched the remake of this movie a few years ago. The remake that was released sometime in 2010, was good. But I guess they made it a little bit fishy (pun intended).



image credit: Vic's Movie Den

I wanted to watch the original movie. My dad told us the story of this movie after they watched it in the theater. 

Note, during those years, the movie theaters in our city show movies that were released a few years earlier.

  • 8- Lake Placid.


Image Credit: Truthful Thinking

I know this was a popular movie. Sadly, I haven't seen or I don't remember watching it at least. From what I have seen in the trailer, a lake is plagued by a monstrous crocodile.

That's all I know about this movie so far.

  • 7- Urban Legends

From flesh-eating monsters, let's jump back into the city streets once again.

Urban Legend came after a number of movies that portray, well, urban legends like Scream, and others.

Again, I saw only the trailer of this movie and that was a long time ago. From what I can remember, they were discussing different urban legends in a class and somehow those legends come to life.

Let's take a peek at the trailer.

Video Credit: @CappaZack via YouTube

  • 6- I Know What You Did Last Summer


Image credit: Fandom Wikia

One by one, their friends are killed by a mysterious man armed with a fish hook.

  • 5- The Ring


image credit: MindiaApple

Adapted from a Japanese movie Ringu Believe it or not, I have not seen the first adaptation of this movie.

According to the story, whoever watch a certain VHF tape will die. The tape shows a woman with creepy long hair in a white dress crawls out of a well. The woman continues to walk forward and crawls out of the TV screen.

I want to see the story ends. There is always someone who survives in the end. I want to see how. Unless this is one of the horror movies that no one survives.

  • 4- The Grudge


From the trailers that I have seen (Yes! I have not seen this one yet), the ghost is a boy who walks bent backward.

I actually have no idea what happened in the movie. That's why I want to watch it.

  • 3- Mirrors


Image Credit: Fanart TV

Starring Kieffer Sutherland as a night watchman on a burnt theater. The previous night watchman has gone mysteriously missing.

What the guards did not know was the building has a dark secret even before it became a theater. 

  • The Nun

This is a new one. Unfortunately, I have not watched it yet. Hopefully, the DVD will be released before Halloween. I'm not sure if this is a remake of the 1966 movie with the same title or a spin-off from the movie "The Conjuring".

Here is the trailer for this movie.

Video Credit: Warner Bros via YouTube

Before I go to the last movie of this list, I want to mention some other horror movies that are worth watching.

  • Insidious
  • Underworld
  • Resident Evil
  • Van Helsing
  • Amityville Horror
  • The Lost Boys
  • Stephen King's IT
  • The Mist

Perhaps I will make a review for each of these movies in the future. For the meantime, here is an old favorite of mine...

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street


image Credit: Active Calendar

This is an old favorite of mine. Not just me I supposed. I remember watching this together with my parents and siblings when I was a teenager.

This is a story of a deranged man named Freddy Kruger. Kruger molested some of the kids from Elm Street. The parents learned what he has done and burned the man alive.

Somehow, the spirit of Kruger lived on in the memories of the children. The killer haunted them on their nightmares. Whatever Kruger does to the children in their nightmares, they become a reality. So when Kruger kills someone in the dream, that someone dies for real.

So that's my list. That's a lot of movies to watch for the Halloween. I don't even think I can find all of them.

Before I close this blog, let me leave you with this Querlo Chat about the movies you love.

What Kind of Movies Do You Like?

Happy Halloween



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