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In our country Pakistan, we have different kinds of hospitals and health centre. They provide us treatment and prevention from diseases.

General Hospitals

These are said to be oldest kind of hospitals which can be found in all cities and town. They treat every kind of disease. In cities and towns, there are two or more hospitals which are termed as general hospitals.

Military Hospitals

As the name itself clears that these hospitals are established in cantonments for Armed forces. These are basically combined military hospitals which treats the officers and soldiers of all the three forces. The doctors here are also from Armed forces even the nurses. Even the family member of Armed forces are treated here.

Railway Hospital

The origin of these railway hospitals are more or less same as of military. These hospitals are setup by Pakistan Railways Authorities and they treat or provide medical aid and treatment to railway employees. 

These are also sort of Government hospitals which provide treatment to the employees at very low charges.

Psychiatric Hospital

You might have been seen some people who are not mentally fit. The people who have some mental illness or we say that they are insane, these type of hospitals treat them.

These types of hospitals do provide medical treatments on more modern techniques. Doctors use modern methods and techniques for the purpose of treatment.

In Pakistan, there are some hospitals of this nature.

a)          Karachi Psychiatric Hospital

b)          Asghar Psychiatric Hospital

T.B. Hospitals

As we have told you before that there are general hospitals. Similarly there are hospitals that treat special diseases. T.B. Hospitals are those where the patients of T.B. Diseases are cured or treated.

T.B. is a disease which can be cured by special medical treatment under great care. Unfortunately, T.B. is a very widespread disease in our country.

Cardiac Hospitals

Just like T.B. Hospitals there are some hospitals where patients with heart trouble are treated. Operations related to hearts are done here and specialists look after patient who are treated with modern medical technology.

E.N.T. Hospitals

There are hospitals which treat patients having problems with them. Even ear operation or operation related to sinuses are done here by using laser technology.

Dental Hospitals

We all brush our teeth twice a day but there are people, who do not take good care of their teeth and old people also have problem in their teeth like cavity etc. Which are treated in dental hospitals. 

Now the technology is so much advanced, that whole teeth are remade and artificial teeth can also be used. All these treatments are done in dental hospitals.

Some other Hospitals

Beside these, there are some other hospitals like free hospitals, skin hospital then there are private clinic as well, which treat minor diseases nursing home etc.

National Health Institute

Our government has initiated National Health Institute in Islamabad. It is to investigate epidemics and other communicable diseases. They are using modern techniques to handle the different issues specially the tropical diseases and pollution of water, air and food.

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