[HOT] Get free 2mBTC (0.5$) Pre-register now!

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A new bitcoin wallet just announce for pre-registration and bonus signup when you register before 14th June.


All you need to get the 2 mBTC bonus is just register on this site www.coinbit.me
then put this e-mail on referral code (email) : jonathanburac25@gmail.com

You need to verify your e-mail and phone number.
You won't get the bonus if you don't put a referrer code e-mail.

Now you can do pre registration and get your FREE 2mBTC credit to your coinbit wallet where you can login on 14th June 2015. Besides that, each friends that you reffer to pre register you will get another 2mBTC upon successfull registration. This promo untill 14th June 2015 only so blast this info to all Bitcoin lovers so that you can get some FREE Bitcoin. Good Luck !!!!!"

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