How a computer work in old times and its types

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Today we talked about the classification of computers .Computer can be classified in different ways, processing , power, purpose and size etc. Due to the modern technology the computer has been changed in the different ways. With the advancement of the electronics field , so many features of different groups overlap.

For example microcomputer is equalent to mainframe computer of yesterday in term of processing, speed and memory size. With the above said capabilities the computer can be classified in the following groups. Microcomputer , minicomputer, mainframe computer, and supercomputer.

The main computer there introduced in 1970 a to z of the development of micro computer processor. A microprocessor is a processor all of whose company at our on a single integrated circuit chip . Micro computer also called personal computer.

Minicomputer are introduced n 9060 for use small general purpose . Mini computer are used for multi user or shared computer system. Minicomputer sported 100 of terminals thus they are almost always found in organizations.

Mainframe computer are large size computers. Computer system of this size can be fitted in large rooms. Also very costly computer due to large number of variety of sporting equipment. The main function of mainframe computer today is how to spot large business and government organizations for transfer data from one place to another place easily.

Super computer are the most powerful and expensive development of 1980 to hand complicated problem. The system are used in large organizations, industries, offices like marketing trading and other research lab.

As we already discussed that computer is a very importance and uses machine for today's society and give us the perfect information for doing work.

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