How A Real-life Monster Upstaged Godzilla Movie

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I love a monster movie, especially if it is scary. Recently, my partner and I rushed down to the local theatre to experience the latest incarnation of Godzilla, which was shown in a 3D format. Even with the 3D glasses, the movie was fine, but not horribly scary.

If I sound a bit jaded, it may be because I have been overexposed to too many great 3D movies with lots of special effects and a nice story --shows like Avator and Noah. At the same time, Godzilla has lots of dazzling special effects showcasing monsters stomping down on buildings and flying around and wreaking havoc.. Even so, it seemed to plod along, so much so that I took a quick washroom break and returned to continue along with a storyline that involves nuclear testing, scientists, strange pods, Godzilla surfacing as a possible saviour and a father and son who are trying to uncover secrets. Perhaps, the real problem with the movie is the fact that it gets too tangled up with too many plots and maybe too many monsters. 

Meanwhile, as I left the theatre, I realized that I had left behind my jacket on my seat. After lots of running around and a discussion with the movie manager, the bottom line was that my jacket and car keys, with a few dollars in change, was stolen by some misguided movie fan who never intended to take it to the lost-and-found. 

I felt disappointed and upset that this could happen in a movie theatre. However, I am told that my coworkers at work had their lunches stolen as well as an ipiad taken. It's not  fair, I wailed to myself. 

My being a victim of crime has made me a bit more suspicious of people and more prone to be watchful of strangers in order to safeguard my possessions. 

I told everyone I met to be wary of movie theatres, since if you forget something and leave it on the chair, you may also experience personal theft. This theft costs me both time and money to replace my jacket and my car keys. Fortunately, my car insurance covered the replacement keys which normally would have cost $600.

Yet, I believe that most people are basically good and decent. Proof in point: I was involved in a recent fender-bender at a park one day. I accidentally backed into a parking stall already occupied by another vehicle. The young man who owned the vehicle waved it off and said he didn't care about the incident due to the age of the vehicle and the fact that he only paid $500 for the car. We shook hands and I left smiling. For a moment, I felt the whole world was one big happy family.

I truly, honestly deeply would like to see the world eliminate poverty, the need for wars, crime and punishment. This can only happen if we eliminate greed, economic disparity, man's need for expansion, the elimination of borders, and a whole lot of other things. Man is a complicated beast and more scary than Godzilla at times. 

John Lennon summed it up perfectly in his eternal song, "Imagine."

"Imagine there's no countries/It isn't hard to do/Nothing to kill or die for/And no religion too/Imagine all the people/Living life in Peace."

People: let us not overlook the goodness in others.


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