How are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning connected?

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My new C-Blog is entitled "How are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning connected?" It has been created in the framework of the AI-inspired world-wide project named "BitLanders C-Blogging."

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The term "artificial intelligence" is widely used nowadays. Programmers want to study AI, leaders want to implement AI in their services. But in practice, even professionals do not always understand what this “AI” is. This C-Blog will deal with the terms "artificial intelligence" and "machine learning." Besides, I want to share with you how deep learning, the most popular type of machine learning, works.

How are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning connected? In general, artificial intelligence means that a computer imitates human behavior in some way. Machine learning consists of methods that allow computers to draw conclusions based on data and provide AI applications. Deep learning gives computers the ability to solve more complex problems.

All these descriptions are rather concise, that is why it is necessary to talk about each of the areas in detail. Feel free to check out my new Querlo chat to find out more information on the topic.

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We all should be updated with educational facts about artificial intelligence to be in balance with the major changes it brings to our lives. "BitLanders C-Blogging" uses C-Blogs, the future of blogging, to enlighten readers on the topic of artificial intelligence and help them shape the right attitude towards AI.

If you also want to participate in this project and try yourself in writing C-Blogs, read the guidelines here and visit The process is exciting and challenging!

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