How are the aliens?

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Life on other planets

It is quite obvious that we will not know how is the appearance of these beings (if it exists) until we see one, but as we have never seen one it is only to imagine how these peculiar residents of places outside our dear earth.

Frank Drake postulates through his equation that there are at least 15 civilizations within the Milky Way, but if he asks, "Where are they?" there are miles of reasons, but this is a very long thing, so we can leave this equation aside and talk about other things.

The extraterrestrial life is very difficult to imagine, but we can make a good attempt in the imaginary ones, for example, in rocky planets, it is probable that its inhabitants are human beings, of low height and with great size, with the low seriousness of the grave damages, with this you can take into account the many other things that model these nice space friends, you can also be flying, aquatic, bacteria, etc.

A planet needs many things to house life, therefore, on the planet we have the sun, which is responsible for maintaining energy and heat, which does not have the only source of these, other planets that may have another star that is a function, something like the development of life, these are: Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur, on earth, you can not live the consumption of water, so when looking for planets is common that we have in mind if in these planets there is liquid water.

This is an incredible subject, very well explained by the astrobiologists, in these diurnal moments "This type only to speak of microorganisms, not of intelligent beings"

How would these intelligent beings be?

The first thing you need is to live on the main land and not in the water, so you do not have the atmosphere, know what it is and you can get through it, have two eyes, you can not use it the same way as one, since it is our only earth land there is only one organism with one eye, the cyclops. And some other microorganisms, much simpler and not at all intelligent, also the eyes need to be close to the brain.

I would also need a minimum of hands and legs, three hands for the use of tools.
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