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a sound mind is in a sound is one of the most important reasons to be successful in the life and joy is the most important blessing of almighty allah that has given us
here are the top five tipe and some research result with each tip.

1-dont smoke:
smoking harms you,your friends and your also makes your clothes smell terrible!smoking harms nearly every part of body(national cancer institute,USA,apr 2004).it kills 5 million people worldwide every year(WHO,2003)if you live with a smoker ,you will also smoke.there is a 24% rise in the chance of getting lung cancer (British medical journal,1997).

2-dont eat too many sweets:
we all need sugar ,but if you eat lots of sweets ,you will probably get bad will probably get fat,too research has shown that...if you are very fat ,you will probably get a serious illness.thirty different illnesses are linked to obesity (national health and nutrition examination survey,USA,1998-1994)..another study shows that dark chocolate may prevent cancer and heart disease.

3-dont lie in the sun:
we need sunlight to make vitamin D ,but too much sun is very dangerous .if you sunbathe regularly .you may get skin Australia ,1250 people die every year from skin cancer .research has shown that:skin cancer in Norway rose 350% for men and 440% for women between 1957 and 1984 (Norwegian cancer institute).

4-take exercise every day:
you dont have to spend hours in the gym.if you walk for half an hour a day ,you will help your body to work will also feel better.research has shown that:half an hour 's exercise makes your heart stronger .exercise can be also memory better.perhaps results are true for humans ,too. just one month of exercise changed the brainpower of the mice.

5-go to bed early twice a week:
sleep is boring ,but it is very important.if you get an average of 8 hours a night,you will help you body work properly .if you are tired you will not do some thing the USA,over 1500 deaths happen on the roads each year because the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

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